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Pipes On Sight

Pipework System Support

Sight Packs

PipeworkYour new records will be supplied to you in a Pipes On Sight ‘sight pack’. The sight-pack is designed to control the amount of information supplied in any one pack. It may be that a single system on one site has more than one sight-pack. This may be due to the system size or complexity.

The sight-pack is colour coded, clearly labelled and a special reference number is allocated. This number is used to control the records.

A sight-pack may be duplicated to provide the same information to others in a different location. The two or more locations may even be at different areas of the country.


Case studies highlight the importance for industry not only to provide accurate records of their systems, but also that these records have been verified by an outside body, and that they are safe for retrieval in the event of an emergency.

The days of playing 'frisbee' across the office with corrupt CDs are over! With our 'WebSight' facility, you will be given access to your records in a password protected area on our website. This is secure and accessible from anywhere in the world at any time.

You login using your email address and an allocated password. This gives you an immediate overview of your latest records. Great if you get asked by HSE, your boss or another contractor for up-to-date system information. Multiple users can also be set up with access to your account allowing nominated personnel access to documents.

System Labelling

System identification labels can be attached to the pipework and ancillary equipment. This is an effective way of pairing the records with the pipework system.

We provide specialist piping labels suitable for many purposes, including external and temperature variant applications, tailoring these to exact site requirements using our labelling software. Labelling can be provided free of charge on some scheme options.

Monitor Mate

Designed to streamline the work of engineering managers, the burden of maintaining and updating records is controlled automatically. Accurate content and good condition of your ‘sight pack’ ensures that your records remain a useful tool. See our budget friendly mapping scheme options.