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A: This is somewhat of a grey area in as much as the competent person in charge of pipework systems has a duty of care in providing all persons working on site with up to date and accurate information relating to the systems they will be working on.

The Health and Safety at work Regulations require us to carry out Risk Assessments for all work place operations. After completing a Risk Assessment you may decide that providing members of staff or contractors with drawings of the systems they will be working on is not a requirement.

If a person is injured whilst working, you as the competent person may be required (possibly in a court of law) to explain why it was not seen as necessary to provide that person with drawings of the system or systems they were working on.

Would you like to be in that Situation?

A: Having accurate drawings will save you time in having to trace your pipework every time you want to make alterations to your systems. It also helps when having to provide information for contractors or external companies such as the environment agency or local water authorities.

As well as mapping your pipework we will also bring to your attention any Leaks, Deadlegs or potential problems that we find within your systems. These will be noted in our ‘Progress Report’ and clearly identified on drawings.

Leaks may go undetected in hard to access areas for long periods of time. Did you know a single Steam leak could cost your company around £14,000 per year! (Figure quoted from the Carbon Trust website).

A: No. The nominated Document Control Manager can request access to ‘Websight’ for as many people as required. Contractors and external companies may also be set up as temporary or permanent users. Please note; all users of ‘Websight’ must follow and agree to the document control procedures in order to maintain strict document control. (A copy of the document control procedures can be found here).