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Pipework Mapping Schemes Explained

Forward planning is something we can all do to make the tasks we are required to do run more smoothly and on time. Along with planning, we also budget, so we are aware of the amount of money we are spending over a given time period.

Mapping Schemes are simply the function of those two actions. But more than this, they pave the way to a more professional and effective approach to accurate information provision for those who may need to reference it. A ‘Monitor Mate’ log book is included which shows the history of your records, and proves they are being regularly checked by an outside body.

Pipework Mapping
Pipework Mapping
Pipework Mapping
Pipework Mapping

Planning is automatically done when you choose the scheme that suits you and your budget. The scheme is planned to run over a set period of time, as well as the cost, which is broken down into ‘budget friendly’ monthly payments. Sometimes a scheme can be customised to suit you better.

Mapping Schemes incorporate system information gathering, record production, record maintenance and system labelling. The success of these four activities is fused together with site intelligence, which is borne from good clear communication between you and us. Our progress reports are compiled during each visit to leave no stone unturned.


Mapping schemes are designed to operate either in the ‘mapping’ or ‘maintenance’ phases of survey work. The mapping phase is where the system is subject to initial information gathering and record production, where little or none has taken place before. This may also include systems where the records have fallen into the ‘vacuum’, (see below). The ‘maintenance’ phase follows the mapping phase. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that a scheme designed for the mapping phase cannot work effectively in the maintenance phase, and vice-versa.

Mapping schemes operating in the maintenance phase are designed to protect your valuable records from falling into the VACUUM; Vague, Ambiguous, Confusing, Unclear, Uncertain, Misleading.

These types of records are dangerous. Your records should never fall into the vacuum. If they do, make sure you weren’t to blame.

There are five Schemes to choose from, (see Mapping Schemes); you can also add single add-hoc days as required.

For more information and prices, contact our office for a current scheme guide sheet.